Dienstleistungen Portrait

Individuelles Portrait

ab 1h 30 Min
normalerweise Outdoor Fotografie,
für Business Portraits in meinem Studio in Senèdes

ab 450 CHF*


ab 1h 30 Min
Outdoor Fotografie, Location wird in Absprache ausgewählt

ab 450 CHF*


ab 1 h 30 Min
Location in Absprache,
Outdoor oder bei euch zuhause im / ums Haus

ab 450 CHF*

*exkl. Anreise (0.70 CHF/km Fahrspesen), ausserordentliches Material; Bezahlung jeweils bar, per Twint oder Vorauskasse



“Manuela is an all around beautiful woman. I took much joy in my makeup and photo session. She really makes you feel seen and heard and she really knows how to accentuate your natural beauty. I thoroughly enjoyed our chats and getting to know her. My experience with her gave me the reminder that it’s okay to take care of myself, and pursue ways to express who I am and the natural beauty God’s given me. I truly felt so special and recieved photos she took of me that made me feel so beautiful.”

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